8 Low Cost Marketing Ideas That Will Work for Any Business

Starting and running a business can get very costly. There are a lot of expenses to consider that can easily put you behind if you don't try to find some free or low-cost ways to manage them. Marketing is definitely one of those things where the fees can pile up very quickly.

However, there is a way to save yourself and avoid digging a financial hole. Consider using a little creativity to apply methods for advertising your business that requires little to no investment and is still effective in helping you grow and scale. Check out these eight low-cost marketing ideas the will work for any business.


1. High-Quality Blogs

Blogging is not new to the scene but it certainly has shown some sustainability and great potential for being one of the best free marketing ideas to try for any busy. The whole concept behind blogging as an advertisement tools goes way beyond just writing words, adding pictures and pressing the publish button.

One of the keys to gaining any type of success with blogging is to always make sure you're offering valuable, entertaining and engaging content to your audience. The more often you blog, the more opportunities you have to reach a larger quantity of people. Being consistent with high-quality blogs can also help you to become an authority in your industry.

2. Make Helpful Videos

Most consumers have been recently reporting that they would rather use video versus text to become familiar with products and services in 2018. Obviously, consumers have already proved that video advertising is one of the best marketing ideas to save money while still making an impact.

Before you run out and buy an expensive camera and lighting equipment, take out your smartphone and do some test runs. With the right affordable editing software, you could make some great videos with breaking the bank so soon. Provide your viewers with a variety to see which work best for your busy, such as tutorials ("how to" videos), behind the scenes, product explanations, etc.

3. Offering Free Gifts

Who doesn't love a free gift? This is a great way to get people to know and like your business. And you might be thinking that giving away stuff for free isn't one of the best marketing ideas because it could really hurt your pockets but think again.

Consider giving away things that have low overhead costs, such as eBooks, worksheet printout, mini video series, etc. All of these products mentioned could work for, both, physical and online businesses. You can read more here for ideas on what to offer your target audience.

4. Host a Contest/Giveaway

Contests and giveaways are some of the best marketing ideas because, not only do they engage your audience, they allow you and consumers to have fun. You can really get creative with the contests and be sure to make it relevant to your brand. For instance, if you sell cosmetics you could run a contest to see who can do the best makeup look from a specific theme or product line.

If you're using social media, giveaways can be as simple as telling followers to re-post a picture from your account and tag other people. Make sure that the post has your logo and all of your social media and website information so that all the people who see it can trace back to your account.

5. Connect With Your Audience

This might not sound like one of the best advertising ideas but it actually is very effective- especially for the long term. The thing is, building a community is important. Sharing your story and engaging with your audience allows people to really relate to your business and develop genuine support.

There are very simple ways of achieving this. And they won't cost you anything at all. Do things like taking some time to answer comments on all your social media networks, answer people's questions on forums or make posts that ask or answer questions to learn and guide your visitors more.

6. Focus on Your Local Market

Local markets can be very important for any small business. You definitely want to get the word out that you exist to your own neighbors. This also shouldn't cost you much if done correctly.

Don't be afraid to leave your business cards and flyers around or speak with people who you meet on a daily basis and promote your business (without sounding pushy). You can also sign up for community events and possibly get a table to advertise and sell your products and services. Overall, be everywhere and make your name known.

7. Collaborate With Others

Collaboration has been and always will be one of the most profitable creative marketing ideas. All parties involved have the luxury of brainstorming great strategies together and sharing each other's audiences. With the right partners, you could see your business skyrocketing quickly.

Some rules to remember are to be ethical, stand by your word and to treat the other business(es) with respect. You should also be aiming to collaborate with others who have similar or relevant businesses to your own. It might not make much sense to collaborate with a car detailing shop if you do bike repairs.

8. Create Your Own Hashtag

Social media is powerful and those who learn how to harness this power often end up winning. Hashtags have taken over the digital world and become a thing of their own. People will search for what they want to see via these little connectors and can identify brands and businesses that like using them. if you know a little about effective SEO then you can see why hashtags work well.

It would be a good move for your branding if you added your own hashtags to your post. You can then ask others to use this hashtag, as well, when they are posting about your business. This is also another way to build community and be inclusive.

Still Need Help With Marketing Ideas and Other Advertising Concerns?

There are a lot of different routes to take and choosing the most effective marketing ideas for your business may take a few tries. You should always be testing various options to figure out what works best for you.

The great part is you don't have to spend a lot of money if you follow these suggestions. If you'd like more great suggestions for your business sent directly to your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter today!