How to Get Popular on Youtube: 7 Tactics to Help Increase Your Views

YouTube has 2 billion active users who publish 500 hours of content a minute.

How to get popular on YouTube starts with understanding how big the pool of competition and viewers is. People from all over the world use YouTube as a primary means of watching video media.


How to Get Popular on YouTube

With such a vast user base, YouTube can be intimidating for new creators. Getting noticed on YouTube depends on employing a correct strategy. Here we will present our list of tactics you can use to fulfill the dream of how to get popular on YouTube.

1. Create Engaging, Entertaining Content

The real cornerstone of what makes a Youtuber popular is by creating good content. Your content should be informative, engaging and above all else entertaining. YouTube has replaced television for a lot of people, so everything from documentaries to joke videos are popular.

2. Use Viral Trends as a Guide

Viral trends come and go and many of them are remembered. If you make videos that feature viral trends, you will draw in viewers. So many people are searching for the latest viral trend that it is easy to collect subscriptions and views and a cornerstone of how to become famous on YouTube fast.

3. Use High-Quality Cameras and Editing

One of the best ways to learn how to make YouTube videos is by watching tutorials and having good equipment. Voice and picture quality are of paramount importance on YouTube. Having good equipment will give you the video quality to stand out in the pack.

4. Track Your Analytics

Keep track of what videos perform well and which ones do not. Your analytics may not always show the exact number of views your videos have. Many wonder, how often does YouTube update views? The answer is every 24 to 48 hours. Focus on high performing content in order to maximize impact.

5. Develop a Community

Great YouTube creators have a passionate fan base and community. It is more than just about how to check your YouTube comments. Having a voice and acknowledging your community is very important. The more interactive you are, the more your community will grow in scope and passion.

6. Build a Brand

Having a successful YouTube channel gets you access to a great brand-building platform. You can use this to customize merchandise and marketing to your viewers. One great way to set yourself apart is to create your own YouTube logo.

Another useful tool in doing this is learning how to get a YouTube link that is unique to your channel.

7. Feature Other YouTube Content Creators

Feature videos and appearances by other YouTube creators. This will draw in the viewers of those YouTubers onto your channel. It will also benefit them by allowing your viewers to see a content creator that you enjoy as well.

YouTube Popularity

There isn't a single way to answer the question of how to get popular on YouTube. Put in time and dedication and your channel will grow over time. Success on YouTube can seem like an uphill struggle but you will be rewarded if you continue to follow your passion and build your channel.

We hope this article was helpful in providing ways to boost your popularity on YouTube. Before you go, take a moment to browse our site for other related topics.