How to Grow a Church: 5 Engagement Tips to Boost Your Congregation

If you're wondering how to grow a church, increasing your engagement both online and off is the way to go. Click here for 5 proven tips!


Are you a church struggling to grow your membership? If so, you are not alone. Many churches are facing declining membership in the digital age.

Digital programming is one reason people are staying home and logged into their computers. Other reasons include a lack of engagement.

Where most churches fail is that they spend too much time getting people through the door, and little to keep them excited about Christ. When a church lacks enthusiasm and passion it impacts both members and visitors.

If church growth is a struggle for your congregation, continue reading for our five tips on how to grow a church.

1. Develop a Mission and Vision You Believe In

An important step to make your church grow is to have a realistic mission and vision. Often churches use their mission and vision statement as an item on their to-do list. When your church's actions don't line up, people see it.

Having core values that are genuine will flow over to your congregation and grow passionate people that want to adhere to those promises.

2. Choose Committed Leadership Teams

Before choosing individuals to serve in leadership roles, they must first show their commitment to the goals of the church. Leaders should have a heart for the people they are serving.

Your leadership should also be able to brainstorm ways on how to grow a church membership for the future church, not the current church. You also want leaders who are passionate about growing the church with people that are willing to serve and one day lead.

3. Reaching Millennials is How to Grow a Church

How do we reach Millennials? This is a question that should be on every church leader's mind. Without the next generation there is no future. With many Millennials leaving church there is a void being left.

Engagement and retention go hand-in-hand. If you're not converting younger members you are probably not seeing significant growth.

4. Incorporate Life Groups

Now that people can receive religious programming online, pastors are wondering, how can I help my church to grow? One way is by creating life groups that speak to specific needs.

People who are looking for more than a Sunday sermon often want to engage with others on a deeper level. Life groups are growing on church campuses and are a very popular connection tool.

5. Build an Interactive Website

A church website builder is instrumental in growing church membership. Church websites are extensions of the church building.

Today many offer the same interactions as social media sites. You can live stream services, create online groups, offer online giving, market upcoming events and increase brand awareness.

We Hope these Tips Have Been Useful

Now that you have these five tips on how to grow a church, it's time to focus on getting new people through the door. A good way to reach new people is by incorporating SEO strategies into your marketing plan.

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