It takes up to seven impressions before you even start building brand awareness with a consumer. In order to increase brand awareness, you need a stand-out, consistent brand that catches the eye.

It also takes 10 seconds for consumers to form an impression of your brand. With that in mind, you need to make every second count!

Learning how to rebrand yourself and your business can give you an advantage in your industry.

Otherwise, you're falling into the crowd--and potentially losing customers.

Give your brand the boost it needs! Keep reading to determine when it's time for a rebrand and what you can do to rebrand successfully!


Signs It's Time to Rebrand

It's important to know the signs it's time to rebrand your business. Otherwise, your brand can go from "BOLD" to "OLD" all too quickly. Here are six reasons you should learn how to rebrand yourself and your business.

1. You Look Like the Competition

Sometimes, companies begin to mimic one another without realizing it. In other cases, businesses follow the trends within their industry and end up looking alike.

Either way, it's important to differentiate yourself from the competition. Without originality, you'll fail to stand out. Then, what reason will customers have to choose your business over someone else's?

Don't adopt a competitor's look or traits. Instead, take a look at what they're doing--and do something different!

If you're starting to look like your competitors, it's time for a change.

2. You're Targeting a New Audience

Another reason for a company rebrand is you're going after a new audience.

Companies create brands that help them connect with their customers. A brand that resonates with the right target audience is more likely to grow. If your brand isn't connecting with your target audience, however, you might flatline.

For example, more companies are focusing on millennials and Gen Z.

If your company is 50 years old, it probably didn't have these consumers in mind. Updating your brand can help you appeal to these audiences.

3. You've Grown

If you've expanded and grown into new industries, your brand needs to follow suit. Otherwise, you might constrain yourself to an industry based on the visual elements of your brand. Rebranding can help ensure your company appears modern and flexible.

You might have merged or acquired a company as well. This can also inspire companies to rebrand.

4. The Brand Is Outdated

One of the main reasons companies rebrand: the brand is old.

Industries that evolve quickly need to adapt to the latest trends. Otherwise, you'll appear stale and disconnected from your audience.

5. Company Values Have Changed

If you're targeting a new audience or market, your values may have changed. Make sure you align your brand with your values and your customers' values. Then, you can create a strong brand that communicates who you are.

6. Bad Press

Sometimes, bad press doesn't easily fade. If you want to show customers your company is willing to change, reevaluate your values. Then, update your brand to demonstrate you're ready to move on.

How to Rebrand Successfully

Now that you know when it's time to brand, here's how to rebrand yourself and your company.

1. Know Your Mission & Values

First, make sure you understand your company's mission and values. What makes your company special? Why do you exist in the first place?

Use these ideals as the foundation for your brand.

A strong mission and values will help your brand resonate with what your consumers care about. 

2. Start Strategizing

Determine if you're completing a partial rebrand. If you are, consider which existing brand assets you're keeping. Then, make sure your new elements fit these existing elements. 

Having a plan in place will keep your team on the same page. Otherwise, you might end up with an inconsistent or confusing brand. This confusion can lead to mistrust with your customers.

3. Consider Your Competition

Before learning how to rebrand yourself and your business, consider the market. What are your competitors up to? What trends are popular in your industry?

Then, determine how you can stand out. Try communicating your value proposition, which will help you appear unique and relevant.

Otherwise, you'll fall into the crowd again.

4. Collaborate as a Team

As you begin rebranding a company, it's important to connect with your team. Gather ideas and feedback from different departments. Make sure your values match your employees' values too. 

After all, these are the people who will represent your brand as a whole.

Your rebrand can include new values, color schemes, visual elements, typography, and more. When choosing these elements, determine which choices will resonate with your target audience. Gather opinions from your team to make sure you're properly representing your company as well.

You can work with a company like Mekanic to build a brand that strengthens your community.

5. Manage & Mitigate

Rebranding is a complex, time-consuming process. Don't rush it. Instead, make sure you strategize and manage the process.

Otherwise, your rebranding can turn into a mess.

Set deadlines for different items. Then, mitigate to make sure your team keeps on schedule. 

6. Launch & Announce Your Rebranding

Once your brand is ready and polished, launch it!

Prepare yourself and your team. You might have to explain why you're rebranding a company.

A careful, planned launch can help you avoid confusion with your customers. Giving your customers a real reason will strengthen brand recognition and loyalty. 

Make sure to remain consistent when using your new brand. In fact, present a brand consistently across all marketing platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%. Keeping your brand consistent will also improve brand awareness and recognition.

As more customers recognize you, they'll begin to choose your business before your competitors'. 

Otherwise, you might risk confusing your customers by displaying more than one visual brand.

Boosting Your Brand: How to Rebrand Yourself & Your Business

Knowing how to rebrand yourself and your business is important. Otherwise, you might fall into the crowd or behind the times. With a fresh brand, you can stand out and attract customers to your business!

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