SEO That Works: 3 Actionable SEO Techniques You Need to Try

Do you need more website traffic? You'll get the majority of your website traffic from Google searches. It's important to use SEO techniques, but you need to use the SEO that works. Here are 3 SEO techniques to try.


Tired of staring at your website and wondering when the traffic will come?


In the game of SEO, waiting is never a good idea. While you wait, your competitor is climbing their way up to the number one spot on Google. And if you don't want to be left behind, it's time to get to work.

But with dozens of SEO techniques to try, you might be wondering which is the SEO that works? We asked the same question and here's what we found.

SEO That Works

For those of you who say, "I don't know where to start!" Here are three SEO strategies that are guaranteed to bring you results:

1. Focus on Creating Epic Topics

Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing. Google is now wiser and knows who is putting keywords on their web pages for the sake of adding keywords. And when they find you, they will penalize you.

Instead, focus on creating content that speaks directly to your audience. What does this mean? Instead of writing content to simply satisfy keyword quotas, do your research on your audience, find out what they want to know exactly, and come up with topics that haven't been repeated a million times.

Then, write the article and sprinkle in keywords sparingly. Learn to research trending keywords and think of them as crumbs while the topic is the whole slice of bread.

2. Make Your Site as Mobile Friendly as Possible

Did you know the average person now spends more than 69% of their media time on smartphones? But many content creators and web developers only view their work from their desktop or laptop computers. What does this tell us? Many websites are not optimized for mobile usage.

If you haven't checked what your website looks like yet in mobile view, you are missing out on major SEO points. Head over to Google's handy-dandy Mobile-Friendly Test now and to see what your website looks like on a mobile device.

3. Learn to Read Analytics Reports

We're always surprised by how many website owners have never bothered to find out which of their web pages are most popular and where their visitors are coming from.

There are many free programs now that collect data on your website for free. One of these programs is Google's Analytics platform. If you link your website to it, you'll get tons of valuable data about your website.

Once you have the reports, learn to read them and the different kinds of traffic, and use the information to help you improve your website's SEO.

Take Action

Now that you know SEO that works, you have no more excuses not to try it. Even if you're confused or overwhelmed, pick one thing to try. We gave you three. And if all fails, get the help of a professional like The HOTH to help you.

If you would like more help with SEO, be sure to visit our website today for more tips and tricks to help your website rise in the rankings of Google.