Switching to Marketing Funnel Automation? 3 Lessons to Learn About Automating Your Sales Funnel

Boss life is your dream. However, you have to implement many sales strategies to see a revenue boost and gain the monetary successes you want.

One of the key strategies you need is marketing funnel automation. In short, the sales funnel is a visual representation of the buyer's journey.

The buyer starts out at the awareness level until they move down to the lowest level, which is a loyal customer.

Included in the sales funnel is a myriad of marketing strategies. Automating this funnel helps nurture and track these buyers without any work on your end.

67% of the buyer's journey happens before a sale. Even though you're automating the process, you'll also need to nurture your leads and entice them to reach that sale.

But this is easier said than done. Here are 5 lessons you'll need to learn.


1. Draw Buyers in With Enticing Content

The modern consumer is more educated than any consumer in the past.

The best way to draw them in is with compelling content. Creating high-quality content establishes your brand as an influencer in your niche and your brand will become a trusted source for information.

Content ties into the awareness funnel. Use a myriad of different types of content, including video, written, and visual content.

2. Nurture Leads With Emails

Think email marketing is dead? Think again. Once you gain enough website visitors, you'll need real data and numbers to analyze your leads.

Not only do emails help your customers but they also help you. You can send email newsletters with sales notifications and even inform contacts when you post a new blog.

Should you wait for customers to sign up for your newsletter? As you gain more leads, you'll notice they will diversify their data. They may not sign up for your email newsletter but they may use their email to sign up for your app.

A system such as PieSync helps you streamline customer contacts so you can use this data on a myriad of different platforms.

3. Win Them Over With Freebies

Who doesn't love free stuff? If you offer your leads with a "no-strings-attached offer," they likely won't refuse. Examples of this strategy include offering a free product demo and a free trial.

Can't risk the funding and potential profit loss this may pose?

You can still offer a freebie that doesn't have to tie in with your products. Examples include free webinars. This is the perfect time to offer a new customer discount or a free consultation (if you offer a service as opposed to a product).

Use Marketing Funnel Automation to Convert Your Leads

Every business owner wants their leads to finally make a purchase. But attracting buyers is the most difficult strategy for any business.

Using marketing funnel automation will help accomplish your sales funnel marketing goals while you don't lift a finger. However, you need a method to ensure success.

Follow these three lessons and let the sales pour in!