Why Should You Care About Google Local Services Ads?

Small businesses need every advantage they can get to reach potential customers. If you are in the home services industry, you're most likely facing a lot of competition. There is a constant search for ways to stand out from your competitors.

Google Local Services is one way to get seen by homeowners looking for contractors in the area. It is a spinoff from Google's Home Services Ad product that was rolled out to businesses in areas of California.

Today it is available throughout the United States. It is now being rolled out in numerous countries.

Are you considering investing in Google advertising? Keep reading to learn why you should consider Google local ads.


Google Local Services Ads are Easy to Set Up

Local Services by Google is easy to use. You can set it up yourself. It is also a service a social media marketing company should offer.

If going it alone, search Google Local Services Ads. Enter your company name, state, and zip code. You'll see a drop-down menu to select the service your business provides.

From there, follow the steps and enter the remaining information about your company and billing.

What makes the set-up process so simple is Google chooses the keywords best suited for the service you offer. For example, if you have a plumbing business, keywords could include, plumber, plumber near me, or clogged drain plumber.

You'll Only Get Leads for Services Your Business Provides

Once your ads are up and running it will appear at the top of the search engine when someone enters the keywords. If they select your ad, the detailed profile for your company will open. It includes your contact information, areas of expertise, and customer reviews.

It is important to be very detailed when setting up your Google Local Services Ads profile. Let customers know exactly what you offer without embellishing.

After reviewing the profile, the customer can contact the business or continue their search.

You Can Pause Ads Any Time

A huge plus for businesses is you only pay for lead generation from the ad. Not for the times people click on your business ad.

More important, you can pause your ads at any time and for any length of time. Your ad may remain visible, however, it will no longer show the "Google Guaranteed" indicator. This notation along with a green checkmark adds validity to your business.

They Are Not Just for Home Improvement

Although the service started out being for home improvement services, it has expanded. Now there are other services offered. You'll see a list when you sign up for the program.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Google Local Services advertising is a great lead generation tool. As the most trusted search engine, your business will get recommended first to the people in need of your services.

Don't stop here. There are many more ways to get noticed via digital marketing. We have all the guides you need, so check out all of our SEO tools.