X Marks the Spot: 5 Ways Google Local Rank Tracking Can Improve Your Results

So, you've invested time and money to rank on Google search results. Now you've seen your ranking going down. Why is it happening?

Our best bet is that Google's new algorithm lowered your ranking. They change their algorithms all the time. The latest development is that they want to make sure search results are more local and relevant.

Here's where Google local rank tracking comes in handy. How can you improve your results using local ranking? Don't know where to start? We've you covered. We'll tell you 5 ways you can improve your Google local ranking to improve your search results and get that #1 spot. Read on to learn more!

Google Local Rank Tracking: Does It Work?

Recent changes made by Google are a new opportunity for local businesses. If this is the first time you hear about it, we're talking about local search engine ranking. You must be asking yourself, how can you rank in the top local search results?

It isn't as difficult as it may seem if you design your own strategy. Every business services a certain consumer. That means that you've to tailor your approach toward what that consumer searches.

You can start by rank tracking for local keywords. What keywords are being searched in your area? Also, how are your competitors ranking?

Your competitor's website can be a good starting point to know what you're up against. If they're ranking higher than your business, what are they doing in another way? That's just the tip of the iceberg. There are several methods you can apply to rank higher in your local search engine. Here are 5 ways you can improve your results by tracking your local search engine rankings:

  1. Optimize Your Google Knowledge Graph

If this is the first time you've heard about it, you should've been paying attention to it long ago. Your business's Google Knowledge Graph improves search relevancy and sometimes shows answers on the search results. This comes in handy when new customers are learning about your services.

Your prospective clients can learn how you'll solve their problems without even getting to your website. Now Google My Business (GMB) allows business owners to add more content. Before you had to limit yourself to adding photos and basic information about your business. Some of these features are Google Q&A, Posts, Messaging, and Bookings. Using the Q&A, you or a member of your team can answer prospective customer's questions publicly. This allows you to share content with current and new customers.

Another way to engage is by using Google Posts to share content such as events, sales, among others. You can use video, photo or text to share which makes it more engaging. If you use supported partners, Google Bookings can be a great way for customers to schedule appointments and reservations.

  1. Use and Manage Your Google My Business Listing

Your Google My Business can be a great tool to improve your local search results. Yet, the latest features place more responsibility on business owners. Now you should be doing a regular check of your listing. By doing these checks, you make sure your information is up to date and test what's making a positive impact on your rankings.

  1. Create and Restructure Website Content to Provide Answers

Providing value in your services and website should be a priority. The great thing about it is that simple valuable content can help improve your local search engine rankings too. How can Google do that? Well, the recent changes also have brought SERP snippets. Google will feature snippets on their search engine results pages. For your website to be featured on Google's snippets, you must provide valuable information that answers searcher's inquiries.

One great way to do it is by posting content on your website providing answers your customer may be looking for. You should aim to give short answers to common questions. These snippets can be definitions, descriptions, tables, or simple content. The search engine can feature your website because it provides the best answer to the user. This is a great and easy way to improve your local search ranking.

  1. Consider Getting Ads to Appear in the Top Search Results

Experts say that 35 to 64 percent of local packs results are ads. Another strategy that businesses use is Adwords ads. It might be an additional expense, you haven't budgeted for. But, you should consider it. If you decide using Adwords, the price might be a bit steep. But, you could land on that #1 spot if you pay the right amount.

Before buying the ads, you should research what your competitors are doing. In industries such as legal, experts have seen more than 60 percent use ads. Yet, only about 10 percent use this tactic in industries like hospitality.

  1. Test Search Results for Your Business

All your work and time will go to waste if you don't test your search results. Is the search engine displaying the information right? Is your listing missing something?

These are some of the questions you should ask yourself when you test your listing. Also, you should look at what you should improve on your listing. What information is your client looking for? You can tailor your listing to the information queries your customer might run. Some businesses miss simple things like hours of operation. If your office is open till late, you should let your client know. You might've requested for the search engine to update your address long ago. But, have they updated the information? If not, you should reach out to get any misinformation fixed. The only way to find out is by looking at your listing from the customer's side.

Bottom Line

Improving your local search engine ranking isn't difficult. But, only if you do Google local rank tracking. Remember that you should run tests and track your ranking. That's the only way to know how you're performing against your competitors. You should focus on your customer. If you create your content with them in mind, you'll rank better and improve your relevancy.

We're confident that using our guide will help you get that #1 spot. If you focus on your local search engine rankings, you'll be able to grow your business in a flash. Want to learn more ways to improve your search results? Check out our article to learn more.