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Google Patent Aims to Use TV as a Signal in its Search Algorithm

A new patent granted to Google will use signals related to TV shows that are "currently being displayed in proximity to an electronic device" being used to perform a search.

Enhanced Google Analytics Audience Capabilities Come to Apps

Bing Predicts Weighs in on Scottish Independence Vote

As voters in Scotland prepare to head to the polls, Bing has analyzed search and social data to predict the outcome of the independence referendum.

Bing Rolls Out Tablet-Related Device Targeting Updates

After announcing it would make changes to targeting functionality, Bing has begun migrating to unified device targeting based on simplicity, efficiency and control.

How New gTLDs Fare in Search Marketing [Research]

Globe Runner released findings of an experiment to discover how new generic top-level domains fared in paid search in impressions, click-through rate, conversions and KPIs.

8 Lessons for SEOs from Muck Rack’s "Today’s Journalist" Survey

One of the best ways to improve SEO is to get mentions from major media outlets. Here are eight lessons for SEOs looking to increase those mentions from a recent Muck Rack report.

7 Reasons Your SEO Campaign Will Fail and What You Can Do About It

Whether you’re managing a campaign yourself, or you’ve hired an SEO professional, ask these 7 questions to determine if your campaign is on the right track.

Germany Wants Access to Google's Search Algorithm

German Justice Minister Heiko Maas said Google needs observing and noted anything that does not feature in its top search results might as well not exist.

Link Source in Google Knowledge Graph is Something of a Coin Toss

Google has reportedly explained how exactly it determines whether it displays a link to factual information in the Knowledge Graph.

Top Paid Search Keywords for Health Insurance Revealed [Study]

AdGooroo released a study that showed the top AdWords advertisers in the U.S. health insurance sector, which keywords they spent the most money on and the results.

Google’s 10th Transparency Report Shows Government Requests are Rising

Globally, FISA and NSL demands have increased by 15 percent during the first six months of 2014 and by 150 percent over the five-year reporting period.

Four Reasons Google+ Might Still Be Alive After All

Recent acquisitions and product integrations, as well as the removal of certain restrictions, hint at a potentially bright future for the social network.

4 Things Search Marketers Can Do to Ensure a Happy Holiday

With so much riding on Q4 performance, paid search marketers should consider product ads, mobile, local and retargeting to come out on top this season.

Why Retailers Should Start Their Pay-Per-Click Christmas Campaigns Now

With Christmas less than 20 weeks away, retailers need to start thinking about their Christmas pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns now.

Live Google Hangout: Using Google Analytics to build a better gaming app

Bing Ads Enhances "Change History" Page

Bing Ads has enhanced its Change History page to boost usability and reporting and Bing says more enhancements for the page will be coming soon.

For Every Link You Earn There Are Five More Worth Building

How did we arrive at the trend of "link earning," and why does link building sometimes sound like a dirty word? The answer: Google Penguin.

The Perennial SEO Audit – Creating an Effective Framework for Keeping Your Campaign Running at Peak Performance

It's hugely beneficial for us SEO types to periodically helicopter up from the daily grind and survey our campaigns from a top level.

3 Campaigns Your E-Commerce Account Should Have for Christmas

These campaigns give you a really effective way to use your marketing budget in search throughout the Christmas season, making your campaigns as flexible and as fast-moving as your business.

The story of Darby Stott

I haven’t really written about what it was like to run the Boston Marathon, but I wanted to share one story with you about a woman named Darby Stott. I’m a slow runner (our running group in San Jose likes to call ourselves &#...

Work with a vendor to improve your mobile user experience

Apple Watch Opens New Doors in Local Search

The latest Apple device will likely put added pressure on hyper-local searches, making it even more important for businesses to ensure they can be found.

Google Penguin 3.0 Likely in 2014, Says John Mueller

In addition to working on a Penguin update before the year ends, Mueller has said Google is working to improve the speed of its algorithms overall.

Google Tests Knowledge Graph with “In the News”

The feature, which had disappeared by September 12, included a link to headlines and news within the Knowledge Graph.

How to Speed Up the Link-Building Process

Utilizing Google Webmaster Tools means that the normal time spent playing the waiting game for your content to be revealed to searchers can be cut down significantly.

5 Questions to Consider When Thinking About Bidding on Brand Terms

Bidding on your brand terms can provide a lot of benefits, but it can be costly if you have a lot of competition. So when is bidding on your brand the best strategy?

Bing’s URL KWS Filter Reduces Traffic to Spam Sites by 75 Percent

Bing says it looked at a number of signals that suggest possible use of URL keyword stuffing and its efforts have since impacted 3 percent of queries.

Bing’s URL Keyword Stuffing Filter Reduces Traffic to Spam Sites by 75%

Bing says it looked at a number of signals that suggest possible use of URL keyword stuffing and its efforts have since impacted 3 percent of queries.

AdWords Will Drop 2nd Line of Ad Text for Ad Extensions on Mobile

Google says showing ad extensions in more prominent locations will give consumers easier access to information about businesses and will improve mobile ad performance.

Better, Faster, Cheaper…Pick 2

When it comes to UX-centered projects, it's important to understand the value of choosing the better or better and faster options instead of the cheaper option.

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