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It's Now Easier than Ever to Find the Right Google Partner

Re-engage your loyal customers with Customer Match for Shopping

SearchCap: Google EU charges, Bing Ads changes & keyword planner bugs

Bing Ads’ Lynne Kjolso talks growth after Yahoo, LinkedIn, voice search & quick wins

Google clarifies Keyword Planner doesn’t require an active campaign

The right way to get dynamic with Google AdWords

What’s the best attribution model For PPC?

Google facing likelihood of third antitrust complaint in Europe

“Enterprise Local Marketing Automation Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide” – Updated for 2016

Beware of shady link schemes from black-hat SEOs

When will responsive websites respond to user context?

Terms like “mobile first” and “responsive web design” sound dynamic and user-centric, but the reality is most mobile-first responsive websites are simply reformatting ubiquitous content to suit different devices.

Google’s Sundeep Jain on the Expanded Text Ad roll out, device bidding, similar audiences & more

Google’s Sundeep Jain on the Expanded Text Ad rollout, device bidding, similar audiences & more

Is selling SEO services getting harder or are SEOs just not good at it?

Customize your ads for a better user experience across screens

RLSA and Customer Match: using smart segmentation for big wins

So we all know about RLSA (retargeted lists for search ads) and its ability to use Customer Match, but how many of us are actually taking advantage of it?

Why Photoshop is no longer an “extra” skill for modern marketers

Photoshop used to be considered an “extra” kind of skill for your average marketer. Now, things have changed, and to be a great marketer knowing Adobe Photoshop is not only extremely valuable, but becoming essential for marketing success.

Five brief but helpful tips for Google AdSense placement

And now that 21% of internet users globally only use their smartphone to access the internet, spurring Google to strengthen its mobile-friendly algorithm, it’s critical for all businesses to optimise their advertising for mobile.

SearchCap: Google My Business API, challenges faced by agencies & more

Facebook announces four new mobile ad formats

Despite the party atmosphere of Cannes, Facebook is all business at the creativity festival, with several announcements for its mobile advertisers.

Bridging the gaps in the Google My Business API

Search in Pics: Google Father’s Day gift, Gary Illyes’s iPhone & Google Jedi

How to speak ‘Search Engine’

The challenge of how to ‘speak’ search engine and tell it how to surface our content is what Search Engine Optimisation is all about. But are we doing it as well as we could?

Five most interesting search marketing news stories of the week

Welcome to our weekly round-up of all the latest news and research from around the world of search marketing and beyond.

SearchCap: Google RankBrain, search engine manipulation & authorship

Influencing with ad copy: how to truly drive action

FAQ: All About The New Google RankBrain Algorithm

FAQ: All about the new Google RankBrain algorithm

Google uses RankBrain for every search, impacts rankings of “lots” of them

Fishing for B2B success: How to use AdWords to “land a big one”

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