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Why Magnetic Headlines Are Crucial for Your Posts Welcome to Rainmaker. This is a sample post to get you started on your journey. Don’t forget that your headline is the most important aspect of writing a great post, and getting readers t...

Powerful USB chargers

If you’re a geek like me, there’s probably a bank or cluster of micro USB chargers somewhere in your house for recharging phones, tablets, Kindles, headphones, etc. Lately I’ve been playing with a couple USB chargers th...

Improving your account security

Every year or so, it’s worthwhile doing an audit of your online security. The most important accounts to protect are your bank accounts and your email accounts. Here are some things to consider doing: – Choose strong password...

SearchCap: Search Market Share Report, Google Keyword Planner Adds Conversion Estimates & More

Google Down Slightly, Bing-Yahoo Up In October comScore Search Report

Bing Strives Toward Mobile Friendliness

To keep up with the growing number of mobile Web users, Bing ranks pages optimized for mobile higher in its search results.

Black Friday Is NEXT Week. Is Your Local Business Ready?

Search In Pics: GooglePlex Where’s Waldo, Jon Stewart At Reddit & Marissa Mayer The Crayon

Bing Maps Helps Drivers Avoid Traffic Around The World

Bing Mobile Ranking Techniques & Relevancy Factors

Bing Reveals Some Mobile Ranking Techniques & Relevancy Factors

Aruba Networks Enables “Blue-Dot” Indoor Navigation With Beacons

The Rise of the User Experience Marketer

There is no denying the rising importance of user experience in search marketing, and the crossover goes beyond mobile search.

Open Access

When I was in grad school in the late 90s, not very much scholarly work was on the web. I had to walk over to the campus library to access scholarly papers, and sometimes make photocopies of the physical papers I wanted. Things have gott...

Google Keyword Planner Now Shows Conversion Estimates

SearchCap: Firefox Picks Yahoo, Apple Maps Partners & Bing Home Page HD

SPONSOR MESSAGE: What Are The Marketers of The Future Learning?

Free Ride? In Europe, Google Will Remain Firefox Search Default Despite No Deal

Bing Home Page Images Go High Definition, Add Captions & Add Features

How Organic Search Has Transformed The Rules Of Business boosts page views with mobile site redesign

Google Analytics Demos & Tools

Apple Maps Using New Partners For Multiple-Location Map Submissions

Yahoo Beats Out Google to Become Mozilla’s Default U.S. Search Engine

Yahoo has inked a deal to replace Google as the U.S. default search option in Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

Want Links? Be A Jerk!

Google Adds New Features to Improve Shopping Campaigns

The platform introduced a number of new additions to help users manage their ad campaigns.

Corita Kent Artist & One-Time Catholic Nun Celebrated With Google Logo Reflecting Her Iconic Work

Justifying Your Spend – Getting SEO Buy-In

There comes a time when all search marketers need to justify investment in their channel, something that can be a point of dread as well as a time of great opportunity.

Holiday Season Link-Building

For those of you who didn’t do their Christmas link-building this summer, here are a couple of link bait ideas to help you catch up with the competition.

Some thoughts on XOXO

The week before XOXO, a festival dedicated to independent artists and creators, I was in Juneau, Alaska for a cruise with my wife and my parents. I got off the ship with my Dad and we walked around town. We kept walking, past the tourist...

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