Your Guide to Local SEO

What is Local SEO? Why is it important? What can it do for my business? This guide will provide you with steps and knowledge you can use to improve the visibility of your business with local traffic. Get yourself started in this fast-growing field and make yourself more recognizable than your competitors....

by Chris Warden

Why is it important
Optimization & Users
Listing & Social Media
Review Sites
Citations & Linking
Analytics & Tracking

The importance of local search on the future of your business can't be understated. Google, Yahoo, Bing and now Facebook have all placed an emphasis on being able to find, review and recommend local businesses. If the four biggest websites on the Internet are all pointing in the same direction, isn't it about time you took the idea seriously?

Not only is local search traffic more apt to buy, and buy quickly, it's the traffic that you're often paying a fortune to reach when using other marketing channels (ads, direct mail, commercials, etc.).

It's time to get serious about local SEO, and this guide should be just what you need to get you started.