10 Medical Marketing Strategies That Really Work

Looking for effective ways to market your medical practice? Then don't miss this article. Here you'll find 10 medical marketing strategies that work.


Finding it difficult to attract new patients?

Are you doing everything you can to market your medical practice?

It can be difficult to keep a steady stream of new patients coming in if you've been letting your marketing fall by the wayside. If you're trying to market your practice, it's important that you put your focus in the right places.

Below we'll look at the best medical marketing strategies and will tell you everything you need to know to market your practice effectively.

1. Professional Blogs & Websites

The best way to market your medical practice is to have a professional website. You should also have a well-maintained blog that is filled with valuable information.

It's not enough to simply build a website and forget about it. You need to have plenty of relevant and useful content on your site in order to draw new patients in. You should also make sure that you've done everything you can to improve the content you post so that search engines will find your website.

Learn about search engine optimization (SEO) and add relevant keywords to your website. This will help you get more referrals from Google and other search engines.

2. Connecting Through Social Media

The next thing you need to do to market your practice is to create and maintain active social media accounts.

At the minimum, you should post regular, engaging content to Facebook and Twitter. If possible, try to determine which social media channels your potential patients use the most.

Social media is a great place to post links to your blog posts, share a photo, or ask your patients questions. Also, let followers know if you have a special deal going on.

By posting quality content, you will begin to strengthen your relationship with current patients. You'll also start attracting new ones as well.

3. Mobile Marketing Tactics

More people are using mobile phones these days than ever before. When searching for local services and businesses many people only use their smartphone. Many potential patients will never even view your website on a desktop computer.

Because of this, it's important that you do your best to reach mobile users. Mobile marketing tactics, if done right, are highly effective. Mobile marketing is great for getting new patients and reconnecting with current clients.

Additionally, it's also a great idea to invest in additional customer service tools for mobile users.

You may try using an after-hours Doctors answering service to make sure your potential customers can always get assistance or set up an appointment, even when you're not available.

4. Highly Targeted Email Marketing

Email marketing is hardly new. However, it remains one of the best strategies for marketing your medical practice. Email marketing has a very good conversion rate and is a great strategy for keeping your practice at the top of a patient's mind.

When a new patient comes in for a visit, make sure to collect their emails. You can then interact with these patients regularly by using targeted email campaigns. Consider sending a monthly or weekly email newsletter.

An email campaign is great for offering special deals and referral discounts, or simply telling patients about a new blog post.

5. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising Campaigns

While you may have considered traditional advertising channels before, you may have decided that they're too costly to work for you. That's where PPC advertising comes in.

PPC allows you to advertise on popular digital channels such as Google, Bing, or Facebook. A great benefit of PPC is that unlike a billboard or newspaper ad, you can be much more targeted. You'll be able to target potential patients based on their search terms, age range, current needs, and demographics.

Additionally, you'll only have to pay for each click to your site or offer. As a result, PPC can be a very cost-effective type of advertising that is great for getting new patients into your medical practice.

6. Reaching Out to the Professionals

Another great medical marketing strategy is to leverage your relationships with other professionals. There are several ways to connect with journalists and industry publications, for example.

Websites such as "Help a Reporter Out" can be a great way to gain access to media queries and is a great place to pitch news stories.

Another great idea is to start contributing to industry publications. Look for opportunities to write pieces for medical journals based on your experiences or expertise.

Using these tactics can be a great way to strengthen your credibility and bring in new patients at the same time.

7. Using Online Profiles

Another easy way you can gain a little more traction and market your practice is to make use of online industry marketplaces.

Putting up a profile on directories such as the WebMD Physician Directory can help potential patients find you. Add your profile to some of these sites and fill in your experience, credentials, and practice details.

Using these directories can be a great way to get new business. Many potential patients look for reliable medical professionals through these sites.

8. Collecting Patient Reviews

It's a bad idea to ignore the importance of online reviews and testimonials. Instead, you should look for ways to leverage these online reviews and use them as a form of social proof.

Many websites such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook, allow users to leave reviews on any type of local business or practice. Whenever possible, you should be encouraging your patients to leave reviews for you online.

Once you have several good reviews across the web, don't be shy about linking to them. Place a link to your Yelp or Google reviews on your website for potential patients to see.

9. Mastering the Art of Referrals

Similarly to the previous point, another great way to use social proof to your advantage is to start asking your current patients to refer you to their friends an family.

Consider offering current patients a small discount if they refer a new patient to your office. Ask your social media followers and your email newsletter subscribers to send you referrals. In exchange, offer to give them a small discount on their next visit.

Once you've mastered the art of getting referrals, you may be surprised at just how well it works in getting new patients into your clinic.

10. Don't Forget About Offline Medical Marketing

Online medical marketing strategies can be highly effective in our modern age. However, traditional offline marketing methods are still very useful as well. Look for ways that you can use physical items and promotional materials to attract new customers.

This may mean creating a care package to send to potential patients that includes a brochure and a few free promotional items such as pens and magnets.

If done right, traditional TV, magazine, and print ads can be effective as well. Just make sure that you fully know who your target audience is and that you know the right place to reach them.

Final Thoughts

When you start looking for great medical marketing strategies, there is no shortage of great options. By using some of the strategies above you may soon have more patients than you know what to do with. You may find that you're booked out for a long time to come.

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