5 Social Media Mistakes You Need to Drop in 2018

Don't let a bad tweet destroy your business online. Here are five of the biggest social media mistakes to avoid in the new year.


Research shows that almost 80% of American adults now use at least one social media account. This makes social media a powerful tool for marketers to use to build trust and relationships with their potential customer base.

That said, some marketers make the mistake of assuming social media will be a "magic pill" when it comes to driving engagement. In reality, social media is a tool like any other. Using it successfully requires thought and strategy.

Ready to learn how to make the most out of social media? Start by avoiding these five common social media mistakes.

1. The Generic Profile Picture

One of the worst mistakes marketers can make with their social media strategy is failing to brand their social media presence. If your profile picture is a blank silhouette or a Twitter egg, you won't be able to make an impression on your followers.

A good idea for your social media profile picture is an image of your storefront or your company's logo. If you don't have a logo yet, you can easily make one an online free logo maker.

2. Trying too Hard

The operative word in the term "social media" is social. Folks turn to social media to have interactions and build relationships, not to view ads. For this reason, posting too many hard marketing messages could be a turnoff to your audience.

Instead of pushing sales pitches, work on using your social media presence to develop a rapport with customers. This will help improve brand reputation and build customer loyalty.

3. Using Hashtags Incorrectly

Hashtags can be a great social media tool. Posting updates that include popular or relevant hashtags can be a great way to catch your audience's attention.

For this reason, it's a good idea to look for relevant hashtags in your industry, rather than creating your own. That said, creating custom hashtags can be an effective way to start your own social media campaign. The key is to strategically push out the hashtag to encourage your audience to use it.

4. Losing Control of Your Feed

It's a good idea to make your social media profile a place where your customers can engage. But if your page becomes dominated by customer complaints, you've lost control of the narrative. Not only that, but you are hurting your chances of reaching future customers.

While you can't always control what people post, you can control how you respond. If there are complaints on your feed, respond to them and try to make the situation right.

5. Being Too Political

While some customers may appreciate supporting businesses that share their views, being too political can be a detriment. Rather than focusing on specific candidates or issues instead focus on values you plan to abide by.

Tackle Your Social Media Mistakes Today

Learning to avoid these five common social media mistakes can help you elevate your digital marketing strategy.

If you're looking to take your strategy even farther, we have the resources you need. Start out looking at our free SEO tools for more help.