5 Tips for Generating Unique Blog Ideas as a Corporate Business

Tips for Unique Blog Ideas as a Corporate Business

As a corporate business, it's tough to keep pumping out refreshing content for your readers. Here are 5 tips for conjuring up unique blog ideas every time!


It's important for companies to maintain a blog to continue driving growth to their website. But it's not always easy to come up with unique blog ideas. You have to think like a professional blogger to keep your writing relevant.

Here are 5 tips for businesses to create fresh and creative blog posts.

1. Customer Interviews

While your business may rely on positive reviews, testimonials are also beneficial. If you're providing a service, you should interview customers to find out how your service helped them.

The easiest way to find customers to interview for these posts is to check the reviews of your business. Most customers who have had a positive experience with your company will likely be willing to provide an interview.

No two customers are alike. And interviewing them will give you a great resource for unique blog ideas. They may even mention ideas that you want to cover in other posts.

2. Answer Customer Questions

If you have a popular post on your company blog, you probably have encountered a lot of comments. In some cases, those comments are questions about the blog post.

You should save those questions for future consideration. You should offer a quick answer to the comment, but you may also want to give a longer answer in a separate post.

Those questions that your customers ask are a gold mine of potential future posts. They may not always be questions that require a long answer in a blog post, but they may be combined with other questions.

3. Review Related Products

You may want to look at products that can be used along with your products and services. Even if it's something you don't sell, it might be useful to your customers.

In some cases, these products might be books about your industry. If your customers would find it interesting or helpful, it would definitely generate traffic to your company's site.

4. Employee Interviews

Show your human side. Your company is not just your products. Customers are interested in the people behind the products.

Much like the customer interviews, it's helpful to know about the staff. What makes them special in relation to your company? How much do they care about your products and customers?

5. Comment on Industry News

You should be aware of all the news that affects your business. Your customers may not be aware of such news though. So, it's up to you to keep them informed.

You can explain what the changes in laws and regulations mean to them and your products. If you need help keeping up with news and writing related blog posts, you can use this writing service.

Unique Blog Ideas Rely on Consistency

No matter what strategy you choose to develop unique blog ideas, you need to remain consistent. It's not enough to think about blogging strategies only when you're at a loss for ideas.

Go through your notes and keep a list of future blog post ideas. Never allow that list to run dry.

Your business needs that blog to attract customers. And always make sure to write quality content.