How to Include Video Content In Your Marketing Articles

By 2021, 82% of consumer internet traffic will be video. Will your business have enough video marketing to keep up?

If you aren't sure if video marketing is worth it, think about this. Using video grows revenue 49% faster than when a marketing strategy doesn't include video.

Who would want to pass up a boost in revenue? We know you don't.

Read on to learn how to combine your video strategy into your existing marketing articles.


Figure out the Kinds of Videos You Need

There are many types of video content marketing. And all are useful when you show them to your audience at the right time.

Brand building videos include stories, testimonials and humorous videos that get the word about who you are and what you do.

Educational videos include how-to videos, product demos and so on.

The third type of videos is best for your audience that is near conversion. You can show them promotional videos that feature discounts or specials. Videos that highlight your awards and other validations work well here.

You can also share product demos at this stage.

Where is Your Audience?

Next, you need to figure out what platforms your audience is spending most of their time on. Sure, it's nice to go viral on YouTube. But it's best if you can meet your audience where they are.

If you can find out where they engage with content and where they spend their time, you will have a good chance of engaging them with your video strategy.

It's important to research where your audience is before you post a single video. That way you can make sure that you set your video up for success in a place where more users are likely to watch it.

Repurpose Your Marketing Articles

Chances are, you've invested time and money into the content you already have. Doesn't matter if it's written content, you can use that as part of your video content marketing.

Create a video for each of your published articles. Make sure the videos are short and sweet and to the point.

Then, use an online video editor to add still images of your video to your published articles. Also, embed your video links to those articles.

You've just increased your return on investment for all your previous content.

Include CTAs in All Your Videos

What's the point of your video marketing? Oh yes, to propel your audience to a specific action.

Always include a call to action (CTA) in every one of your videos.

You can make an overlay that sits on your video for the duration of your video. Or that pops up within the first 20 seconds. Remember, a call to action doesn't have to come at the end.

Test and Test Again

Once you've mastered making a few videos, you need to evaluate what's working and what you can improve.

A/B testing new videos and monitoring the performance of your videos is crucial.

Just because your first videos did well doesn't mean they all will. And there's always room to make improvements.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading! We hope this guide will help you take your marketing articles and convert them into successful video content marketing.

Before you go, check out this brief guide to different types of marketing strategies. That way you can be sure you are targetting all areas to boost your business.