How to Leverage SEO for Better B2B Lead Generation

Are you looking to improve your B2B lead generation game? If so, you need to make sure you're focusing on your SEO as well. Read on to learn how to leverage SEO for better B2B lead generation.


When it comes to B2B lead generation many businesses are surprisingly behind the times. They may see the benefits of improving SEO for consumers or eCommerce but fail to invest properly for B2B clients.

And even when they spend money and resources on SEO they can't connect the dots to qualified leads. What could be worse than wasting money on the wrong leads?

Wasting the time of your salespeople when they could be chasing new clients instead.

It's time to tie your SEO strategy to B2B leads. Follow these guidelines and your salespeople will be thanking you.

1. Focus on The Long Term

Moving from a compelling brand strategy to a loyal client base is not an overnight matter. Your SEO strategy shouldn't be either.

This does not mean becoming satisfied with bland results. Instead, all SEO campaigns for B2B should focus on retention and long-term relationship building.

The eCommerce model of converting a customer right away isn't the same model when it comes to selling goods or services to a business.

Create a sales funnel and SEO strategy around long-term relationships and your customer base will return multiplying qualified leads.

2. Sales Funnel and Visitor Intent

Is your sales funnel optimized around keywords and user intent? If not, this could be one of the biggest barriers to using SEO for B2B leads online.

Your first order of business is to split your traffic into 2 categories: Are they coming to visit with an intent for information or an intent to purchase?

Searching for your website keywords should provide insight as to where these visitors are entering your sales funnel. Make sure the right content is reaching them at the right time.

For instance, if you have strong CTA's around purchasing in a post that is generating visits with an intent for information you may be kicking leads out of your funnel immediately.

Make sure your content and sales funnel agree with one another. You will have more luck with leads as a result.

3. Optimizing Current Content

Don't throw all that great content out! After you construct a more strategic sales funnel you can rework your existing content around the needs of your visitors.

You may also optimize current content for different keywords and make slight adjustments to the linking strategy and CTA.

Taking an existing piece of content and changing the keyword or CTA may have a greater impact on generating leads than starting from scratch.

4. B2B Lead Generation and Mobile

While marketing professionals know to optimize web design when it comes to eCommerce, the same isn't always true for B2B strategies. But make no mistake, the qualified leads you are about to generate with SEO will mostly come through mobile campaigns as well.

If you don't have your site optimized for mobile you are already at a disadvantage. In fact, when it comes to B2B growth and relationship building you may want to start with mobile design rather than the other way around.

Not ready to revamp from the ground floor just yet? At the very least, check your site and make sure they pass the Google test for mobile.

5. Study Your Competitors

When it comes to succeeding in any business market the best business leaders word to understand their competition. If you don't understand the competition you risk losing market share and falling behind in relation to your current and potential customers.

With SEO for B2B leads you can take this research to a more granular level. Optimizing keywords for your competitor's names is only one strategy to use the competition to your advantage.

Push for head-to-head reviews, consider reputation management, and keep a close eye on SEO tactics and your own strategy will benefit as a result.

6. Content and B2B

It doesn't matter if you are targeting consumers or businesses, your content has to be right when building SEO.

But if you set clear goals and create content that is unique and useful to your potential client base your SEO campaign will deliver qualified leads.

Free information, forms, mailing lists, reviews, guides, and more are all great content ideas.

Make sure you incorporate video, audio, and keyword hubs (or clusters) to own visitors in certain searches.

7. Understand Your Decision Makers

Every market has a different set of decision-makers when it comes to B2B sales. These decision makers may be procurement professions, CIO's, CEO's, end users, small business owners, project managers, etc.

But if you don't know who makes the decisions in your target market you will have little luck in crafting a B2B SEO campaign.

Why? You won't know who your target audience is. Remember, you can increase traffic to your site and still get nowhere when it comes to qualified leads.

Make sure your content and SEO strategies are geared toward the decision makers you are trying to reach.

8. Customer Engagement and SEO

Want to attract qualified leads through an SEO campaign? Focus on your customer experience and your current client base.

We have all heard that adage that it is easier to keep a customer than to get a new one. But these principles go one step further when creating SEO strategies.

If your website is heavy on the customer experience and in creating customer engagement you will be increasing time on site, return visits, and be driving SEO as a result.

An Integrated Approach to Accounts and Sales

Consider incentivizing your sales force around current customer experience as well as new sales. You'll integrate engagement and client leads.

When your sales team, marketing strategy, and SEO are combined to handle both account management and sales you will see increased qualified leads and a better retention system.

All of this leads to networking opportunities and turns your clients into a salesforce for your products or services. Whether they are sharing your content or reviewing your company, your SEO efforts around customer experience will bring you new clients like the ones you already work for.

Leveraging Experience

You can read more here about lead generation strategies and how to set them apart from SEO for consumers. Most important is to continue to leverage proven experience in B2B lead generation and craft your content and overall strategy around capturing the attention of decision makers.

The best SEO strategies turn those leads into clients and evolve into an ongoing account strategy. By utilizing SEO B2B tactics you can upsell existing clients and move into additional business units with the companies you currently serve.

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