Making Money with PPC: The Benefits of Pay Per Click Marketing

Rather than investing in ads that may or may not bring in traffic, choose pay per click marketing and only pay when your content is seen! Learn more about how you could be making money with PPC ads here.


Pay per click (PPC) marketing has surfaced recently as an extremely popular way to market online.

If you aren't familiar with PPC, it's the process of advertising in a way that only requires you to pay when your ad is clicked on. Instead of paying large sums of money to post advertisements online, you can simply pay a nominal fee for the actual value of your ad.

Each click warrants a predetermined amount of money which is simply charged from your account. Learn more about making money with PPC advertisements.

Making Money With PPC

It's well understood that the more action your advertisement gets, the more money you will make. It's this reason that PPC advertising is an investment that's well worth it.

But what are some of the benefits of pay-per-click advertisements?

1. You Only Pay for What You Get

We know this has been mentioned, but we can't stress enough how valuable this is. There's no shortage of people who have paid for advertising campaigns but failed to see any results from it.

Many PPC platforms give you the opportunity to do as big or small an advertising campaign as you'd like, and you only pay for the actual results. Of course, this means that if you want to reach a huge audience you're going to have to pay more money. That is the one benefit of other kinds of advertising-- you pay a fixed rate and could benefit a lot more than you paid for.

That being said, this is relatively unusual, and the clicks that you get are typically very cheap.

2. You Can Choose How Much You Want to Pay

It might seem a little intimidating to have to pay per click. I mean, what if your ad gets a million clicks in the first couple days alone? Fortunately for you, there is no reason to be worried about this.

You get to choose exactly how much money you want to put in your advertising budget every month. This means that once that number is reached, your advertisements will cease to be presented online and you won't have to be worried about being overcharged.

This also means that you can set a high budget and have no cap on how much influence your ads will have. Because of the specific placement of these advertisements, they are usually highly relevant to whoever they are presented to. This means that people are very likely to click and be directed to your site.

3. Your Results are Immediate

While search engine optimization is a long climb up to the top of the search engine, most PPC platforms already have a thumb on the search engine world. This means that when you register an ad campaign with one of the platforms, your advertisements will be immediately visible to users.

An additional benefit, and something that certainly boosts results, is the fact that advertisements are directed toward niche-specific audiencesand demographics. You can literally choose who you want to see your advertisements, and PPC platforms will place your ads right in front of them.

4. Placement Can Be Hyper-Specific

Many websites and companies experience activity at very specific times for various reasons. If your site is related to a product or service that is used during the morning, for example, you can have your advertisements dispersed early in the morning. This example serves well for coffee shops or other places that operate most during the mornings.

As we've mentioned, you can also target specific demographics. Maybe there is a trend in your product, and a famous company in your niche is going to run an advertisement during the Super Bowl. You can request that your advertisement be run more heavily after this sort of cultural event.

If you're lucky and you have a consultant, they can assist you in deciding when and where to run advertisements like this. If your product doesn't have this specific of an audience, you can also advertise to a more general audience at generally popular time of the day.

5. These Ads Will Boost Your SEO

Search engine optimization, if you aren't aware, is the process of tailoring your site to the specifications that search engines use

. Search engines try and identify the most relevant and useful sites that relate to web searches.

Some important SEO tactics are the use of keywords, backlinks, and original content. The advertisements that you put out online will link people to your website, thereby improving your traffic. This is the way that all advertisements work, but PPC is a little more intimately connected to SEO.

Once you've identified the keywords and phrases that work best to optimize your web page, you can utilize those words in your advertisements as well. Identifying niche keywords and phrases will allow you to separate yourself from competition and reach a more specific audience.

Certain audiences often respond better to some keywords than others. By using competitor analysis, you can see which keywords your competition is having success with and put those in your advertisements. If SEO isn't quite making sense yet, read more hereto build an understanding.

Another way to narrow down your audience is the use of long-tail keywords.These are keywords that consist of a longer and more specific phrase. Data on these can also be found through competitor analysis

. Using this will allow you to reach out to a more specific group of people that may be interested in your site.

6. PPC Ads Lead to Purchases

Research shows that people who click on PPC advertisements are fifty percent more likely to make a purchase. This is likely because the advertisements are so specific to the audience and organically placed on the web page.

In any case, results like that are difficult to come by elsewhere.

Need More Assistance Boosting Results?

The process of optimizing a website is something that has been widely studied and practiced. Making money with PPC is certainly not the only way to boost traffic to your website.

If you're looking for assistance boosting traffic to your site via SEO tacticsor other methods, we have all the information that you need.