Marketing Tactics that Benefit Niche Products

Do you have a niche product that needs help with marketing? This article outlines some tips on marketing tactics perfect for marketing niche products!


There are over 28 million small businesses in the United States alone. Even more, an average of 534,000 independent businesses are founded each month. Marketing tactics must be leveraged to even get noticed, let alone flourish, in this busy marketplace.

Niche marketing has gone from being optional to becoming an absolute essential. Trying to rank for broad keywords on search engines is a losing battle. So is trying to snipe customers from the biggest names in the industry.

Marketing tactics for niche businesses basically boil down to good business sense. They can help you turn your brand into a marketable, profitable business enterprise.

Continue reading to find out how marketing tactics can help you master your niche!

Marketing Tactics For Niche Businesses

Niche marketing is actually easier to pull off successfully than advertising a business in a larger market. Niches are specialized communities with their own rules and customs. These deep, granular insights into your customers' behavior make it easier to create marketing tactics to win them over.

Here are some marketing tactics that will help your niche business get noticed in the crowded marketplace.

Build An App

The app market isn't quite as vibrant as it was a few years ago when businesses were trying to cash in on the mobile marketing gold rush. This can actually be to your benefit, however, as that means there's also less competition in the app store.

You might consider creating a basic app to help promote your niche business. Apps get lots of user engagement, especially in the case of games. Every time they open your app, they will see your

marketing content.

Consider the case of The Kraken: Simulation Application For Nautical Maneuvering app. This clever app was released by Proximo Spirits for their Black Kraken Rum.

The game had little to do with alcohol. Players simply navigate a boat through Kraken-infested waters. The app was still hailed as a triumph by designers and game lovers alike!

If your app is successful, your marketing tactics will be handled for you. Customers will happily spread the word about your brand while telling their friends about your app.

Use Social Media To Share Inspiring Content

Social media marketing is a given when it comes to marketing tactics for a niche. Like search engine marketing, social media marketing needs to be a part of every brand's marketing toolkit.

Social media marketing is one of the most efficient marketing tactics for a niche business. When it's done correctly, your customers will spread the word about your brand for you.

Social media marketing on platforms like Instagram is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your products or services in action. Seeing someone actually use a product like a water softener does more to convince a customer than 1000 lines of compelling copywriting.

Social media networks like Twitter are an indispensable way to showcase your brand as a thought leader in your industry. These posts can be automated using a program like Hootsuite, meeting the goal of marketing tactics to be measurable and repeatable, as well.

Social media marketing features greater conversion rates and a better ROI than nearly any other marketing tactic, as one final benefit.

Incorporate Augmented Reality

Small businesses likely lack the resources to build a full-on VR app. Apps that feature augmented reality are becoming more commonplace, however. That means they're becoming easier and cheaper to develop.

If you're wondering about the effectiveness of a virtual reality app as a marketing tactic, consider the Pokemon Go craze of a few years ago. Everyone from the ages of 8 to 80 was running around town trying to capture tiny cartoon creatures. It was a brilliant example of corporate synergy if ever there was one.

If your virtual reality app is successful, local businesses could be incorporated into your marketing tactics. They can advertise for you. You can shout them out, in return.

Augmented reality apps also allow an opportunity to showcase physical products in a customer's environment. This will have major implications for certain industries, like furniture retailers for instance. Seeing a sofa in place in their actual living room will convince your customer in a way that abstract measurements and product descriptions are incapable of.

Develop Your Website

Your website is a wonderful source for niche marketing tactics. It's possible to configure your website in a way that both the search engines and your customers will respond to.

First of all, understanding your niche allows you to create branded content that your audience will respond to. If you're marketing to upscale business professionals for legal services, you'll want your website to appear serious and authoritative. Avoid bright, flashy colors in that instance.

Setting up landing pages and subdomains for niche topics you're trying to rank for in the search engines is one of the most time-honored digital marketing techniques available. Here's where your business strategy comes back into play. You'll need to know what you're trying to rank for before you can create sub-sections of your website to fill those needs.

You should have a fairly detailed list of keywords at that point. You can begin to develop blog posts and authoritative content around those keywords. Those keywords can be employed in your social media content strategy as well as PPC ad campaigns if you're so inclined.

Go Local

Local SEO can be a major blessing for helping your brand to get noticed. Customers are increasingly likely to research local businesses before making a purchase. There are innumerable niches that are tailor-made for local searches, as well.

If you're looking for marketing tactics for a niche business that offers physical products or services, you simply cannot afford to overlook local SEO. Spend some time thinking of search terms and keywords around those search phrases and start generating content!

Local SEO is an amazing opportunity to showcase your brand as an expert in your area.

Interesting stories around obscure local history make for excellent blog posts. Discussing local news and current events shows that your brand is in the know and paying attention.

Local news stories are also prime candidates for being shared on social media, as an additional benefit.

User-Generated Content

Consumers are notoriously resistant to official advertisement. Almost anything that doesn't appear to be from a corporation is going to be better-received than even the most expensive official marketing campaign.

User-generated content is a way out of this quandary. It's a way to encourage your users to advertise for you. They'll create the content themselves, so your marketing department won't have to do anything. Then they'll spread it to their own networks, who are then encouraged to do the same.

One word of caution. It's dangerous to unleash a user-generated content strategy into the wild unmonitored. These campaigns can quickly grow out of control and do more harm than good. You don't want unethical users to derail your marketing campaign with unsavory content.

Choose The Right Platform

One of the biggest parts of knowing your audience is knowing where they spend their time online. Not every social media network is created equal. They all offer opportunities to grow your audience and produce real revenue, however.

If your audience features younger women and stay-at-home parents, you'd be smart to consider Pinterest as part of your promotional strategies. Looking to capture the hearts of Millennials and the even-more-elusive Gen Z? Snapchat could be useful for more than making yourself look like a deer.

How Marketing Tactics Can Help Your Niche Business

Taking some time to research your niche and build your brand will make your marketing tactics infinitely more productive. It's never wise to go stumbling into the dark, especially when time, money, and your reputation are at stake.

Solidifying a marketing strategy ahead of time puts you light years ahead of your competition.

With it being so easy to start a business at this point in history, more people are doing so than ever before. Only a very small percentage of them actually have any business background or training, luckily.

Don't be afraid to start your business even if you don't have a 10-year plan, however. Many successful businesses have started out with a great idea, a wing, and a dream. Marketing can even help you fine-tune your business!

If you're just starting out, spend some time building your network and community. Then ask that community how things are working. Your marketing can even help you perform market research, saving even more money in the meanwhile.

Finally, the research you'll conduct as part of your marketing effort is worth more than its weight in gold. Identify the leading influencers in your niche and reverse-engineer their process. You'll be able to see what's working and what isn't.

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