Network Marketing Cheat Sheet: 11 Ways to Generate MLM Leads

Have you tried all digital marketing facets and still can't build MLM leads? You haven't tried this cheat sheet! Here are 11 (real) ways to generate those leads you desperately need.


There are currently 18.2 million people involved in Multi-Level Marketing, all trying to work their way to the top. Some of these individuals may be in their business to casually make money, while others are hoping to turn over a fortune.

MLM leads are a necessary aspect of any successful home business. Without them, you won't make sales nor will you incentivize others to join the business underneath you. Both are key aspects to your success in network marketing.

Read on for more information on some of the best ways to generate MLM leads for your home business.

1. Skip the Friends and Family Approach

Many coaches for MLM networks tell those below them that they should start with warm leads.

These warm leads are typically friends and family members who you can sell the products to or who you think might have an interest. Sometimes, using this approach takes advantage of the fact that your friends or family members love you and want to support you.

For some people, this can cost friendships and ruin relationships. Not everyone you know wants to take part in an MLM or purchase your products. If you continue to try and sell to people you know, it could put strains on the ties that bind.

When you attempt to sell to friends and family, they can also be extremely negative about your business. They may preach about how much they hate MLMs, or that they tried and failed in one. This can discourage you immensely.

Instead, focus on people you don't actually know instead of using your friends and family as "warm leads."

2. Create a Website

Creating a website based on your products or the opportunity the business presents is a fantastic way to garner leads. This means you have people who don't even know you who may have an interest in what you have to say.

Make a website independent of the one your company gives you. Discuss with them if you can use their logos on your site. If not, you can create a loophole where you simply discuss aspects of the business and link people to the products or opportunity.

3. Write Articles That Bring in MLM Leads

Create a website, or outsource the creation of one if that helps you bring in leads. This site shouldn't just be about your business or products. People have seen enough of that. Instead, you need to create something totally unique.

Write articles about how the products can help those who are searching for specific keywords. You may not even be conspicuous about showing people that you're advertising a specific company.

You can, for example, create a page with articles about beauty if you're selling for an MLM makeup brand. Demonstrate how to achieve a specific look with both your MLM and other makeup brands, letting those who come to the site know how to purchase each item.

4. Use Social Media Wisely

Use social media as a way to get eyes on your company and products. Don't just simply tell people you're selling something or ask them to join your team. Instead, engage people with a variety of content.

If you're selling makeup, you can make short Facebook or Instagram videos that show off a look you created. If your MLM is all about weight loss or healthy living, link to recipes or create recipes with the products - and post before and after photos.

You can also curate a beautiful Instagram page. You'll get genuine followers who just like your photos and attract people who have an interest in the products.

5. Set Up a Booth at a Fair or Trade Show

If you are an MLM business owner, you'll likely need to get in fast for this way of generating leads. This is because most trade shows or fairs only allow one representative for each MLM company.

Set up a professional looking stand. Offer customers a free product or a taste of something. You can also create giveaways, raffles, and other fun things to get people interested in your products.

6. Create a Mailing List

Keep your leads interested in what you do by creating a mailing list. You can ask people on your website to sign up with a free form that will prompt them to give you their contact information.

You can also utilize giveaways and raffles, online or in person at trade shows and fairs, as a way to gather emails.

Roll out a mailing list about your products once a month or quarterly. This is enough to keep people interested without overwhelming them.

7. Place an Ad in the Classifieds

Although this is kind of old school, you can place ads in your local classifieds about your products and services. You can also let people know about the opportunity.

This way, you'll be contacting people who are already interested in what you're selling or the opportunity itself.

8. Ask for Referrals

Ask people you know to refer you to friends and contacts who could have an interest in what you're doing. While you may not want to rely on friends and family as leads themselves, you can always ask if they know anyone who could potentially be interested in your products.

You can also create a referral program, giving those who refer others back to your business a discount or a free product.

9. Know Who You Are Targeting

Many MLMs sell a variety of products, but which side are you focusing on? Are you focusing on recruiting or on selling the items?

Understand this before you start generating leads.

This way, you'll know if it is best to approach people like working moms or those who are simply interested in the best skincare or makeup lines.

Identifying your market is one of the top tips in Brad Russell's network marketing skills guide. A successful entrepreneur, he has his finger on the pulse of the industry and understands what it takes to create success within it.

10. Post on Local Bulletin Boards or Targeted and Specific Boards

Do you want new moms who want to escape the nine-to-five grind to join your team? Then place some ads somewhere where these women are likely to hang out. These can include daycare centers, beauty salons, or coffee shops.

If you're looking to target people who are sick of their own jobs or just want extra cash, place advertisements on a college bulletin board, a church bulletin board, or a community notice board.

This way, people will contact you only if they're interested. You won't be hounding people for the leads, and you'll only get people who may be open to joining your business or buying your products.

11. Provide a "Tell Me More" Option

On your social media or website, create a "Tell Me More" button that leads to a brief form people can fill out. The form may include a short survey you create, which lets you know what they're looking for.

This can help you discover if the visitor might want to know more about your products for specific issues, or if they're looking for a new business opportunity.

The form may also include things like how much time they would dedicate to the company, what their other obligations are, and what financial goals they have. You can then use this as a stepping stone for contacting them and letting them know how joining the business will help them achieve their goals while working around their current obligations.

Bonus Tip: Always Follow Up on Leads

This bonus tip is incredibly valuable. You should always follow up on leads and never leave people hanging or dangling. If someone was a little bit interested, even if they were leaning toward saying no, you should still follow up with them.

People get busy and sidetracked, and can forget about phone conversations or email interactions you may have had with them. Because of this, you could lose out on a valuable lead.

Make time each day to contact leads and people you've previously spoken to. Carve out a certain amount of time to do this, and place it in your schedule. Stick to it.

You may be surprised as to how many people forgot about your meeting or didn't have the time to call you back but are still very much interested.

Will These Lead Tips Ensure My MLM Success?

MLM leads don't necessarily ensure that you're successful, but they do play a big role.

Like any other business out there, you need to work at building up your clientele and leads. You can't expect to succeed right out of the gate with a traditional business, so you can't expect that with an MLM company either.

After trial and error, you will find the right formula for you to help your business continue to grow.

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