Outrank The Business Next Door: The 3 Best Local SEO Tips To Implement In Your Strategy In 2019

SEO is a complex beast.

For something just three letters long, it seems there's a never-ending list of things to do to manage your ranking. And we get that.

That's what our whole blog is about - helping you figure out what to put on that list. So when it comes to establishing your best local SEO, get a quick start with our guide below.


1. Worship Google My Business

What's one thing that all-powerful people love (or search engines in this example)? Themselves.

But Google doesn't want you to light a candle in its honor. It wants you to use its products that it made available to you. And when you do it will reward you with more favorable SEO treatment.

We're not guaranteeing that filling out your Google My Business profile 101% will bring you up 5 spots. But it could be the difference between spot 2 and 3.

Make sure you have everything listed on that profile from photos of your business to the right hours.

Google is picky because they want users to get the right information. That can mean making sure everything is perfect, down to the details.

Let's say your business is located on 123 Blue Boulevard. If you abbreviate boulevard BLVD on your contact page - do so on your My Business page.

Little discrepancies like that matter, especially in areas where you have a lot of competition.

2. Get On Some Lists

Let's say your business is a large marketing firm. You want to make sure you're on some sites that list marketing firms in each area.

The goal would be to have a potential client put in their (your) area code and have your business name come up. For SEO purposes, these are called citations and just like the papers you wrote in college, the more citations, the better.

You can change around your bio or description wording a little bit on each site, but keep things mostly the same. Especially the little details like we talked about above.

The more Google sees you putting the same information out there, the more it will assume it can trust it. Talk to someone who offers SEO services for more in-depth information.

3. Chase Reviews

You know what can cost you nothing but gain you everything? A few great online reviews. Any business can get them, no matter if you're B2B or B2C. Even B2G companies can ask contractors for reviews.

You don't want to bribe your clients into giving you a review, but you can offer small incentives. Ten percent off your next service when you show your review next time you come in.

Encouragement is one thing. But you don't want customers to think they have to give you a good review if they weren't originally going to. That's a fast way to lose your business credibility.

Your Best Local SEO

There's not a lot you can do if your competitor can outspend your marketing 10:1, except capitalize on the free SEO tools. You never know what their theory is. Maybe they're just spending the money and not putting in the grunt work.

Do the grunt work (or have it done for you) if you want the best local SEO for your company.

Need some clarification on the jargon we used in this post? Check out our Search Engine Guide Glossary here.