Rock That Guest Blog: 5 Tips for More Effective Guest Posts

The benefits are clear: business who have guest blogged recently see an improvement in their SEO. If you're ready reap the rewards, check out these tips.


Do you want to skyrocket your SEO strategy? Increase your blog's exposure? Establish authority and expertise within your niche?

If you've ever guest blogged, then you know the first-hand benefits of sharing your content across multiple platforms.

Let's get into how to make the most effective guest posts.

Find the Best Websites

Before you even dive into your guest blogging strategy, you want to make sure that you have a viable plan-of-attack for success.

Start by identifying the websites and blogs related to your niche that are currently accepting guest posts. You can find out who is taking contributors by Googling the following:

  • your niche + now accepting guest posts

  • your niche + contributor guidelines

  • your niche + submit an article

You can also reach out directly to the authors of your favorite blogs. By building an actual relationship, you may increase your chances of landing a guest spot.

Don't have the time or energy to reach out manually? Consider outsourcing to marketing specialists that will connect you with high-quality sites (click to learn more).

Prepare The Best Pitch

When you reach out to a blog, it's essential that you approach each site personally and individually.

Be friendly. Introduce yourself. Focus on what you can provide for them, rather than orienting the conversations towards what you can gain.

Finally, leave them with at least three different guest pitches with a summary of what you plan to write.

Use Optimal Anchor Texts

While it's true that having a backlink improves your SEO, the actual anchor text itself plays a fundamental role in impacting your keyword rankings.

When you take on a guest post project, make sure that you engage in keyword research and identify the phrases or words you intend to rank for.

You want your guest post to bring you long-term, favorable results from Google.

Focus on Quality over Quantity

If you're going to improve your SEO and increase your reputability and expertise, it's better to focus on landing on a few high-quality websites than spammier ones. Quality backlinks go a long way in improving your reputation.

Make sure that you are using a tool like Moz, AHREFS, or Google Analytics to determine the website's traffic sources and domain authority.

Focusing on the quality of a site will grant you a better ROI in the long run.

Respond to Comments and Questions

Once publishing the guest post, don't just step away from that site and focus on your next article.

Make sure that you stick around and interact with your audience. Within these comments, you build a dialogue with potential customers and readers. You create sustainable relationships, and you define your branding and image.

Don't take those relationships for granted! Readers often want to interact with their writers- you owe it to them to foster that dynamic.

Guest Blogged In The Past? Did You Follow These Tips?

If you've guest blogged in the past, you know that it takes time and dedication to find the best site and create the best content.

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