The Backlink Basics: What Makes a Quality Backlink and How Do I Get Them?

So, what does the internet think about quality?

Depends on who you ask!


Ranking on internet searches is not a get rich quick scheme. Some people may approach SEO in this manner, but quality does not always equal quantity.

In fact, engaging in a race to get your website ranked may do more harm in the long run. Search engines are smart and eventually, they might notice that something is amiss. So, when you're focused on quality, you can rest assured that you're focusing on the right SEO strategy.

Backlinking is one SEO strategy in which you will need to strive for quality. Backlinking means that other websites are linking your website's content into theirs. A quality backlink is achieved organically and authentically, which in time can put your website on the map!

So, how can we distinguish a low-quality backlink from a high-quality one?

Read on to find out!

How to Identify a Quality Backlink

Don't settle for low-quality just to get your name out there. Building quality backlinks take time. Find out how to make the distinction below.

1. Good Reputation

Consider the reputation of the website who is backlinking to your business's site.

Do they seem to be a trustworthy source? Would you consider linking to their website? Do they reflect your own brand's reputation and values?

If not, then it's likely that this backlink isn't a quality backlink at least for your site. A backlink should enhance your website's content and rankings. They should also enhance your business's reputation.

A low-quality backlink may confuse the values, message, and tone of your business. It may still help your rankings, but consider if it's helping your business as well.

2. Based on Authenticity

Ideally, the website backlinking to your page would be doing so for authentic reasons. Simply, because they believe your content is worthy of being referenced on their website!

A low-quality backlink lacking authenticity might also have an ulterior motive such as hoping you'll backlink to their website as well. However, keep in mind that even if the website backlinking to your website is a trusted source, exchanging backlinks won't necessarily help your website to rank higher. The highest quality of backlink are links from a number of unique trusted sites.

3. Location

As they say in real estate, "location, location, location!"

The same philosophy applies to backlinks. When a backlink is placed within organic content search engines assume it's an important link. Even better is when the link appears near the top of the article.

A great example of a prime location for a backlink is at the beginning of a blog post or article. Backlink management software can also help you to find guest blog post opportunities to naturally backlink to your website's content.

The location of the website backlinking to your website on the search engine results also plays a large role in determining quality. The higher the ranking, the higher the quality of the backlink.

Quality Backlink and Growing Your Business

To acquire a quality backlink, you must also be willing to build relationships with business owners and influencers in your industry.

This can be as simple as writing them an email telling them you linked to their website or sharing your content with them. It takes time to build backlinks, so if it seems to be moving slowly, then it's probably because you're aiming for quality, not quantity.

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