5 Must-Know Car Dealership Marketing Ideas

Wanting to attract more customers to your car dealership? Then don't miss out on this article. Click here for 5 must-know car dealership marketing ideas.

If you're looking to attract more customers to your car dealership, you may have noticed that it isn't as easy as it once was.

You're competing for a lot of people's attention now, especially since we're exposed to thousands of ads per day.

So how can you get more customers into your dealership? Here are five great car dealership marketing ideas to help.

1) Take Great Photos

Your skills as a salesperson may help once the customer is at the dealership, but getting their attention is going to require some high-quality visuals.

Which would interest you more? A paragraph explanation of a used Volkswagen, or a slideshow giving every angle of the used Volkswagen that shows off its condition?

Likely the latter. Odds are, your customers will feel the same way.

Take photographs of your vehicles and make sure they're of a professional caliber. Remember, these photos represent your business.

If photos are blurry or the lighting is off, customers will take note and assume you're lazy.

2) Find a Niche

Next time you're driving home, take a few moments to pay attention to your surroundings.

Notice how many car dealerships you pass.

There are thousands of dealerships, so it's safe to say you're facing some stiff competition. But this can be your advantage.

Your car dealership marketing should establish a niche. Stop marketing to the general public and start selling to your ideal customer.

Every business has one, you just need to find your dealership's. So ask yourself: who is it you want to sell to and how can you market directly to them?

3) Post Vehicle Ads Online

This fits perfectly with the second car dealership marketing tip.

Once you've found your ideal customer, it's time to start targeting your ads to them.

Advertising online is just as (if not more) effective than radio or TV ads and tends to cost far less. We suggest sticking to websites and social media.

This is easier than ever thanks to helpful tools like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. You can choose who sees your ads and in what capacity they see them.

Setting up a Facebook ad, for example, only costs a few dollars.

4) Inform Through Content

Today's marketing world is more informational than persuasive. And this is a good thing.

The modern consumer tends to be more well-informed than the consumer before the internet era.

One of the best ways you can market your dealership is by creating content. Be it a blog, video, or even just a conversational Facebook post, content is king and should be a priority.

Ideally, your customers should come away from your content having learned something.

You could write a blog about how to shop for a used car, for instance. Or offer tips on safe driving and insurance discounts.

5) Make Your Car Dealership Marketing Cohesive

It's important that your brand has a clear, cohesive voice across all platforms.

For instance, if you're taking a casual, conversational tone to your advertising, it should remain that way across all forms of advertisement.

This helps to create a unique voice for your brand that sticks with customers.

Final Thoughts on Car Dealership Marketing

It can be tough to find the right marketing strategy for your car dealership. But we recommend these five great marketing ideas, as they encourage high engagement and establish a brand identity.

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