6 Ways to Eliminate Working Stress At Your SEO Firm

As over 60% of the workforce reports being stressed out several days out of their workweek, it's important for everyone to eliminate stress at the workplace. If you're having trouble with working stress at your SEO firm, there are some simple tactics that can make life easier and your workplace more productive. If you employ the right tactics, you'll see profits rise as happiness at work goes up.


Here are five essential methods for eliminating working stress at your SEO firm today.

1. Focus on Action

One of the most common reasons that we feel stress at work is when we're reacting to situations that have gotten out of control. This is no accident and most often happens when we're being pulled in a million different directions, tired, and unfocused on our goals.

When something feels out of our control, our stress hormones will kick into high gear. This will cause you to make decisions that are quick fixes, not permanent solutions.

You can't always be in control of the forces in your market or what affects your industry. What you can control is how you react and respond to what's around you.

On a micro level, the people in your office and the executives you report to might give you a tone or an attitude that you don't like. You all need to help your business succeed, so keep that in mind when you respond. Take action ahead of time and you won't have to worry about making decisions that respond to the anxiety of others.

2. Remind Everyone To Breathe

Things can be hectic at a moment's notice in any industry. Sudden shortages of resources, sudden spikes in sales, and unexpected changes in policy can lead to major upheavals. During moments of huge potential shifts, you need to find a place to calm down.

Every office needs a break room or a private phone booth where team members can escape. There isn't a workplace on the planet that doesn't have the potential to overwhelm the people working in it. Even if you love your job, too much work can get in the way of your happiness.

Teach your employees some basic techniques of stress management. Bring in someone who focuses on yoga, movement, and breathing techniques for a weekly lunchtime stress relief session.

Share with your team the potential benefits of massage and stress relief techniques. A few simple breathing techniques can bring profound calm to a stressful workplace

3. No More Interruptions

If you want to be productive and successful, you need to have as few distractions as possible during your workday. If you're getting constantly bombarded with email notifications, chats, phone calls, and people popping by your desk, you need to pare this down.

While you can't control every potential interruption, you can mitigate some of them to focus on SEO. By encouraging your employees not to interrupt one another during the work day, you can ensure that people are allowed to focus. If you teach everyone how to turn off their notifications, you can ensure that you aren't dealing with unrelenting disturbances.

Much like the first point, you can't control everything that will happen. You can only control your response to everything that happens.

A lot of interruptions are the type that is recurring and if you can anticipate them, you can take off a lot of the pressure of being interrupted. Train your employees and the people around you to set aside a certain time for answering emails. If you're a supervisor, set up certain hours to have meetings and feel free to close the door when you need to focus.

4. Improve Your Schedule

While most of the day, we put a constant amount of pressure on ourselves, that doesn't have the be the way we live our work lives. If we can instead focus on balancing our workload to match our energy and focus, we can do much better. There are hours when it's easier to focus and hours when it's harder to focus.

If you find that you're always thinking about lunch for the 30 minutes before you eat when you're otherwise very productive, change that. Move your lunch break back an hour or two if possible and use those focused hours to get a lot more done.

Schedule breaks throughout your day to walk around, stretch or to breathe. You can have intense concentration for 90 minutes straight, but pushing yourself for longer can lead to inefficiency. You need a period of recovery for every major push you take on.

Balance energy and focus with breaks. Encourage everyone around you to try it and you might find that you're a more productive team for it.

5. Eat Better and Sleep Better

While you might not be thinking about your health when you're busily immersed in a project, your body and mind need to be taken care of for you to succeed. If you're tired, hungry, or ill, you won't make good decisions.

While you might think of your brain as your most precious resource, as it functions throughout the day and chemicals interact, it builds up plaque just like teeth. When you sleep, you can clean out some of the plaque that can cause mental confusion and even Alzheimer's.

When you eat better, you can focus on your work. The idiom "you are what you eat" is true in that if you eat fatty, greasy food, you're more likely to feel slow and sluggish at work. A good diet will keep you moving better throughout your day.

Working Stress Can Be Hard To Manage

Whether you're a supervisor or a new employee at an SEO firm, the changing nature of search engines and marketing can be overwhelming. It's easy to find yourself overcome with working stress, which could interfere with your productivity. Stay productive and happy at work by taking some management techniques to heart.

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