Bitcoin Basics: How to Find the Best Keywords for Your Crypto Website

Finding content without keywords is like searching for a quarter in a sack of nickels.


Keywords help people find your brand by ranking you in search engines. Good content is created around keywords that people are searching for.

Any industry must know how to find it's people. Industries as competitive as cryptocurrency are no exception.

Keep reading to start your path toward SEO success with these bitcoin basics.

Follow Industry Trends

This doesn't mean monkey see monkey do. By keeping your ear to current news in the crypto industry, you find ideas about the future. These ideas can be used to generate content that your site visitors will find useful.

Professions like crypto trading, see here, depend on the latest industry news.

Google Trends is a tool that can help you keep track. Input a term in the search field and it will tell you how popular the term is over a period of time. It also gives you several related keywords.

Check out the Competition

The success of your competitors gives you clues to what's working. While you don't want to copy them right out, you can learn from the models they create. For instance, if their content is shared often, you can create content on the same topic.

This way, you discover what people are searching for.

You have to offer unique value for visitors to stick around. Knowing why a topic works will help you create more content to attract visitors.


Ubersuggest is a free tool that assists you in finding hundreds of keywords in seconds. Plug any term into the search bar and it immediately gives you a list. Under each word, you have a choice to keep expanding it.

You then have the choice of viewing the word in Google Trends to see how it performs over time.

From there, plug the word into a search engine. This will give you an idea of what information is already available.

Another free tool called KWfinder tells you how difficult it is to rank for a certain keyword.

User Intent

When you search for things online you have an intention behind why you are looking. Are you searching for information? Are you wanting to make a purchase? This is user intent.

Choose keywords based around what the intention of the end user is. If you deal in e-commerce, choose words that will relate to this purpose. This way your time will be used more efficiently for your goals. If you have a blog, your words should lead visitors to informational content.

Evaluate the goals of your website. Your goals will inform the decisions you make in regards to content and keywords.

SEO in Bitcoin Basics

Ranking in search engines can seem confusing. Though it's a lot of legwork, the main key is to use relevant keywords. Free tools like Google Trends, Ubersuggest, and others make the job a little easier.

By monitoring the industry and your competitors, you get a feel for what people find valuable.

Whether your site is about bitcoin basics or opportunities, you can benefit from SEO.

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