Facebook for Business: How to get Facebook Conversions

More than 2.27 billion people are active on Facebook.

Some people maintain that this number may decrease as other social media platforms get more popular. But Facebook remains a viable tool across multiple generations, offering business owners everywhere a chance to target a huge marketplace. 


If you are looking for ways to get more customers, it's time to launch some serious Facebook marketing!

Yet how do you start a campaign designed to give you conversions that stick? In this post, we discuss everything you need to know about obtaining Facebook conversions.

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1. Craft a Strategy

The key to any successful advertising strategy is a compelling strategy. Without a honed strategy, your marketing campaign may not generate the results you want.

It may be acquiring some general leads, but those leads may not be converting.

So what does a solid Facebook marketing strategy look like?

For one thing, it should align with your existing advertising goals. Facebook should be used as one of many digital marketing channels to achieve more holistic goals.

For example, let's say that one of your overall advertising aims is to increase the number of leads you acquire by ten percent in the next three months.

Facebook could be one of several channels you use to accomplish this aim. Other channels could include email marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and/or another social media platform like Instagram.

Secondly, your Facebook advertising strategy should incorporate how you hope to work towards this specific aim.

Do you want to use pay-per-click social ads? Promotion of blog content? Webinars? Facebook Live?

Identify the Facebook-specific tools you will use to accomplish your advertising goal. Next, develop a timeline for implementation. 

2. Know Your Market

Facebook is a vast marketplace. So how do you know who to address in this marketplace?

Successful social media marketing is highly specific and targeted. Users are more likely to respond to an ad that feels personalized, relatable, and relevant.

The more you can narrow down your market ahead of your Facebook campaign, the better. Take the time now to identify your ideal user.

How does this user use Facebook? What do they want? What are their most pressing needs? Why do they need your service or product?

This process is often called niche advertising. Addressing a well-defined segment of the population is likely to give you faster, more comprehensive results.

3. Nurture the News Feed

Think about how the average Facebook user interacts with the social media platform's news feed. 

We do the scroll!

"Scrolling" means exactly that: swiping down to glance at content related to friends' and family members' lives. Most users are looking for social content, not necessarily for purchase inspiration.

For this reason, it's wise to place news feed ads that aren't directly selling something.

We recommend nurturing the news feed with "soft lead" content.

This means content designed to get basic leads in the form of email addresses, subscriptions, or content downloads. These soft leads can be nurtured down the line into conversions.

4. Target, Target, Target

Facebook has loads of targeting options that help advertisers reach specific audiences.

When crafting an ad campaign, for example, Facebook lets marketers select demographics and connections related to ideal users. 

Take advantage of these tools, aiming to deliver targeted (rather than generic) content. Such content is likely to come across as highly authentic to your niche audience.

Facebook Pixel is another tool that can help you track these targeting efforts. What's more, it can help you re-target (or remarket) users. 

You can use Pixel to broaden your ad reach based on prior ad performance.

5. Bring Your Leads to the Right Place

All of this advertising effort has to bring users somewhere. That "somewhere" is likely a landing page on your website.

Have you given much thought to these landing pages lately? They play a larger role than most people realize.

That landing page has to be just as compelling as the ad itself. It has to deliver the precise content a user expects after clicking on an ad.

It should also have a conversion funnel in place, designed to nurture this hard lead towards conversion. Learn more about boosting page authority here.

What's more, your website itself should be top-notch. If you aren't putting your best foot forward in this regard, you can kiss those leads goodbye!

What makes for a top-notch website? A professional, authentic design, for one thing. Aim for easy navigation, rich content, and intriguing imagery.

If you're looking for inspiration, this website provides a great example. 

6. Supplement Your Advertising

Your Facebook ads are likely to be more compelling if you can back them up with a strong brand image.

Make sure your Facebook business profile is on point. It should incorporate all relevant information, including contact details, compelling imagery, and your website address.

It should also be active. Users like seeing that a business is active on Facebook, promoting relevant content and communicating with followers.

For this reason, supplement your social ads with other strategic advertising efforts. Promote blog posts via Facebook. Share video clips from a recent webinar. 

You may even want to launch a Facebook survey to get feedback from existing clients. Other marketers have found great success in Facebook Live, which enables live video streaming.

How to Get Real Facebook Conversions

Facebook can be an invaluable tool for the right business owner. Yet simply launching Facebook ads isn't always enough to get conversions.

The key to securing real Facebook conversions goes back to your strategy. Make sure your Facebook advertising strategy aligns with your overall marketing strategy.

Most importantly, identify the Facebook tools that can help you accomplish your goals. Integrate "soft lead" ads into news feeds.

Target your niche audience with authentic content, and make sure you are guiding your leads to the right place!

Want more information about acquiring Facebook conversions? Check out our post on setting up and running a successful Facebook ad campaign.