Find Out Why Your Accounting Firm Should Run a Facebook Ad

Facebook ads are turning out to be just as powerful as Google ads, if not more. Read on to discover why your accounting firm should run a Facebook ad today!

facebookaccountant.jpgThere is no better way to reach a vast amount of customers at the speed of light than social media. Almost everyone uses some form of social media and those that don't probably know someone who does.

For businesses of any size, social media is key to dramatically increasing conversion rates, creating leads, and enticing lasting customers. And there is no better social media platform for this than Facebook.

Facebook is the king of social media. Over 79% of adult internet users in the U.S. use Facebook, and if we include those who do not use the internet that means 68% of all adults in the United States use Facebook.

Over half the population of the U.S. uses Facebook and that number is growing. That's a lot of potential customers that can be reached with the click of a button.

There are even more benefits to using Facebook for marketing purposes than just the number of potential customers. Continue reading to discover more about why your accounting firm should run a Facebook ad.

Targeted Advertising

Nearly every business has a targeted demographic they want to reach. And with traditional advertising, it can be hard to ensure the desired demographic is being properly targeted.

For example, it's not enough to pay to make a TV or radio commercial, but you also have to pay for a specific time slot. Peak time slow hours can be costly, and if you aren't willing to pay out the cash necessary then your commercial could run at a time when your targeted customers won't see it. Not good.

However, with Facebook ads targeting has never been easier. Facebook allows companies to target customers by age, location, sex, interests, and even connections.

Being able to specifically target your desired customer base will greatly increase leads, conversions, and build potential lasting customers.

Facebook Remarketing

Remarketing is possibly one of the best benefits of running a Facebook ad and quite possibly the number one reason your accounting firm should run a Facebook ad. You may be asking what is remarketing?

Ever visited a website or viewed a specific product page and for the next few days, you begin to see ads related to the website or product you viewed appearing on your Facebook news feed?

That's remarketing. It's one of the most effective ways to grow your business. It's also an easy way to get the word out about a new product or service you have to offer.

This is done by combining remarketing with a Facebook product ad. Customers who have signed up for your email list, or visited your site, will now automatically see your Facebook product ad for your new product.

Unparalleled Content Promotion

Every business owner knows that word of mouth is more powerful than any advertising campaign out there. Until now.

Facebook takes the word of mouth concept and injects it with the most potent steroids imaginable.

Think about it. Someone walks into your firm, has a wonderful experience, and vows to tell all their friends about you. Well, it may take two weeks for them to tell even half their friends, depending upon how often they talk to them and if you even come up in conversation.

Now fast forward a month and one of their friends comes in and vows to do the same. To shorten this example up, it could take several months before any real leads and conversions begin to happen on any measurable scale.

With Facebook, however, all it takes is the click of a button. That's right, one click of the share button, and now every friend that person has will see your ad. Boom. It's that easy.

You've just drastically increased your impressions and, potential clicks and conversions, and you didn't have to do anything. The best part? The person who shared your ad may not have even been a customer or clicked the ad, but shared it because they knew someone on their friend's list would want to see it.

With this type of reach, it's hard to argue against why your accounting firm should run a Facebook ad. But wait, there's more.

Measurable Metrics

The most discouraging part about traditional advertising is not being able to tell if it's working or not. Meaning, there's no real way to determine how well your conversion rates are increasing, the number of visitors to your website from the ad campaign, or how many impressions there have been.

This makes it difficult to determine if the money you've been spending on TV and radio ads is worth it. With Facebook, however, there is no guessing.

Facebook allows you to know exactly how many impressions (people who have seen your ad) there have been, how many clicks there were, and the number of conversions.

Why Accounting Firms Should Run a Facebook Ad

Accounting firms are no different from any other business and would probably benefit even more from running a Facebook ad.

Accounting firms probably lean more heavily on word of mouth and repeat customers than any other business. Therefore, accounting firms would benefit greatly from the far-reaching influence of Facebook ads, as well as remarketing technology.

An example of this would be running a Facebook product ad on signature loans. If your accounting firm deals with signature loans, but you realize there is a loss of revenue in that area than creating a Facebook ad for poor credit signature loans could see a rise in customers.

The reasons an accounting firm should run a Facebook ad are plentiful and difficult to ignore. And while it may seem daunting and arduous a task to accomplish it is fairly simple.

There are various Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools available that can assist with creating and running Facebook ads.

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